The majority of athletics events in Hampshire are organised by member clubs, either on their own behalf or as part of a national or regional league. Summary details of recent and forthcoming events are shown in the Event Calendar.

Hampshire Athletics is mainly responsible for organising county championships and other competitions:

Track and Field

In common with other county associations, Hampshire Athletics usually holds its Track and Field Championships on the last weekend in May, when approximately 700 athletes compete at the Mountbatten Centre, Portsmouth on two full days of athletics.

Entry forms are available on this website from February. The closing date is in mid May to allow time for the timetable of events, which depends on the numbers of entries received, to be finalised.

The Multi-Events Championships are held on May Day Bank Holiday Monday. Athletes each compete in five track and field disciplines accumulating points according to their performances. On the same day, nine- and ten-year-old athletes have a chance to take part in the QuadKids Championships.


The Hampshire Cross-Country Championships are usually held on the first or second Saturday in January. Entry forms are available from late September or October and should be returned by mid-December.

The Hampshire Cross-Country League comprises five matches between October and February in Hampshire and just over the border in neighbouring counties.

Road Running

The Hampshire Road Race League runs from September to June and comprises ten races selected by the competing clubs at their annual meeting.

The Hampshire Road Relays Championships are incorporated in the Lakeside Road Relays, which are being held for the first time in 2015.


Sportshall has become very popular in Hampshire, with success at regional and national levels.

The Hampshire Sportshall League comprises four matches held in November, December, January and March at various venues around the county.