Hampshire Sportshall League 2021/22
14 November at Portsmouth (Match 1)
Under 13 Boys

Individual scores

      2 Lap 4 Lap Speed Bounce Long Jump Triple Jump Shot Total
      timepos timepos no.pos distpos distpos distpos
1Zac ReynoldsWinchester & District23.52=51.1158132.0125.5437.95122.5
2Aiden McMahonFleet & Crookham23.6451.226632.1216.3015.141223
3Joel StantonWinchester & District23.52=51.336541.8275.3067.26224.5
4Adam HardyCity of Portsmouth23.9553.276351.973=5.9824.581335.5
5Felix BowyerWinchester & District23.3152.05616=1.973=4.98136.03736
6Ewan GwyerNew Forest Junior25.28=54.397211.8665.129=6.80337
7Finlay WilliamsAldershot Farnham & D25.1752.76599=1.72105.4056.24644.5
8Josh LittleWinchester & District25.28=53.58599=1.8755.4845.391147
9=Finley BearnFleet & Crookham25.0651.44599=1.7884.90145.56850.5
9=Oscar EyssensWinchester & District25.41156.212616=1.7495.2676.31550.5
11Jack GreenNew Forest Junior25.31055.0116721.64135.06115.54956
12Patrick SkipwithWinchester & District26.91456.413599=1.66125.129=6.35463
13Ellis FoxSouthampton26.11354.6106081.56145.02125.521067
14Brian WilliamsCity of Portsmouth25.51256.81447141.71115.2084.381473

Please note: Athletes had to compete in two or more matches to qualify for a "Best Performance" medal. Medal winners for the 2 Lap and 4 Lap events were judged on performances during the season and not on any particular match.

Team scores

Position Athlete 1Athlete 2Athlete 3Athlete 4Total points
1Winchester & District22.524.53647130