Hampshire Sportshall League 2021/22
6 March at Aldershot (Match 3)
Under 13 Girls

Individual scores

      2 Lap 4 Lap Speed Bounce Long Jump Triple Jump Shot Total
      timepos timepos no.pos distpos distpos distpos
1Alexis SeymourNew Forest Junior23.62=49.93=801=2.0516.5617.14212.5
2Lucia BertacchiniWinchester & District23.62=48.51801=2.0326.1426.73414
3Lily FluteWinchester & District23.4149.42801=1.9145.579=5.22826.5
4Chloe JohnsonNew Forest Junior23.62=49.93=7641.895=5.7955.44627
5Clover SmithNew Forest Junior25.2756.3117251.895=5.8846.89335.5
6Darcey Thorne-HendersonWinchester & District26.81256.71262101.9235.6867.59144
7Elsa NorrisNew Forest Junior25.38=52.066881.8575.6174.82945.5
8Pippa GreasleyAldershot Farnham & D24.1551.357161.50125.579=4.511047.5
9Aeryn HearstSouthampton25.1654.186591.6495.42116.26548
10Layla WrightHavant25.38=53.5752121.7885.9333.691452.5
11Darcey LeaAldershot Farnham & D25.71055.71058111.60105.6084.291160
12Carla BreamHavant28.31358.5137071.42134.61135.41766
13Emily-Rose ArthurAldershot Farnham & D25.81154.6950131.58114.95124.091268
14Belle BanvilleHavant-14-1446141.20144.00143.811383

Please note: Athletes had to compete in two or more matches to qualify for a "Best Performance" medal. Medal winners for the 2 Lap and 4 Lap events were judged on performances during the season and not on any particular match.

Team scores

Position Athlete 1Athlete 2Athlete 3Athlete 4Total points
1New Forest Junior12.52735.545.5120.5


Position Match 1Match 2Match 3Total points
1New Forest Junior1113
-Winchester & District2---

Individual aggregates

   Match 1Match 2Match 3Best 2 of 3
1Alexis SeymourNew Forest Junior11.5612.517.5
2Lucia BertacchiniWinchester & District12-1426
3Chloe JohnsonNew Forest Junior31.519.52746.5
4Lily FluteWinchester & District28-26.554.5
5Jess StanbrookCity of Portsmouth42.520.5-63
6Elsa NorrisNew Forest Junior4330.545.573.5
7Aeryn HearstSouthampton54.535.54883.5
8Poppy CrookWinchester & District5533.5-88.5
9Pippa GreasleyAldershot Farnham & D58.5-47.5106
10Clover SmithNew Forest Junior76.5-35.5112
11Carla BreamHavant-5666122
12Grace CoxAndover/Overton7459-133
13Darcey LeaAldershot Farnham & D77.5-60137.5
14Belle BanvilleHavant-7183154